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Get On The Right Track With Our Holistic Wellness Program At Active Age Fitness

Our Wellness Coaching program offers a practical approach to achieving your health and fitness goals. We created this program to help develop your lifestyle habits so that you can stay active throughout all of your life. We’ve helped people across Sunnyvale combat their busy lifestyle and reach their health and wellness goals.

At Active Age Fitness, you will find the health and vitality you’ve always wanted! We will coach you on how to live life to the fullest.

Don't Jump From Workout To Workout! Get Expert Wellness Advice At Active Age Fitness!

In order to achieve fantastic results, simply working out isn’t going to cut it. We will assess, listen and understand you and your current eating habits, sleep patterns, stress, and on-going health issues.

Once we have completed the assessments with you, we will sit down with you and devise a training program designed to get your health back on track. Each session is part of your health package, and is part of the entire wellness plan we design for you.

You will be given resources and as much guidance as you require in order to make changes to your current lifestyle in order to achieve the life changing goals you are looking for.

Discover The Wellness Program At Our Gym in Sunnyvale!

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